Size guide

Our sizing is always loose fit and generous. Measurements are in cms. Remember that age is not always a good guide to size for babywear.

Our bibs are designed for babies when they are teething and dribbling, they are large on newborn babies! Babies tend to start teething when they are a few months old, and continue to do so sporadically up until 18 months to two years. All baby models shown are aged between 6 and 12 months.

We use a Velcro closure on our bibs as opposed to poppers as it is softer around baby's neck, and the fit offers some adjustability. We think a baby or baby's carer should be able to remove the bib easily and quickly if necessary. Never leave a baby unattended when wearing a baby bib.

Please allow for a 5 - 8 percent shrinkage and remember that our sizing is always loose fit and generous.

Size Height Chest Waist Hips
Newborn 56cm - - -
0-3 months 62cm 44cm 44cm -
3-6 months 67cm 47cm 47cm -
6-12 months 72cm 50cm 50cm -
12-18 months 81cm 53cm 52cm 53cm
24 months 86cm 56cm 54cm 56cm